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2014 Toyota Hilux 25D Double Cab Pickup

2015 Toyota Hilux 25D Double Cab Pickup

20ft DROPS Refrigerated Container

20FT ISO Potable Water Tank Containers

23 metre 70mm fire hose as used on Fire Engines

24000 Litre tanker trailer

4 in 1 Bucket

4 in 1 bucket to suit JCB 34CX

4” canvas hose Stortz Couplings

8ft Ditching bucket

AFV Spartan CVRT

Allison Reconditioned Gearbox for FV430 series

AMSS Self Propelled 9 Metre Belt Loader

Armoured Mercedes G Wagon

Armoured Mercedes G wagon 500

Armoured Range rover vogue

Atlas AK3006 crane

Aurepa 30000ltr Bulk Fuel Tanker trailers

Aveling Barford ASG 113 6x6 Grader

Bedford TM 4x4 Cargo with Atlas Crane

Bedford TM 4x4 dust suppression truck

Bedford TM 4x4 lubeservice truck

Bedford TM 4x4 Tanker Truck

Bedford TM 4x4 tanker truck 6600 litre

Bedford TM 4x4 winch truck

Bedford TM 4x4 workshop truck

Bedford TM 6x6 Demountable Lube Truck

Bedford TM 6x6 Drop Side Cargo Truck

Bedford TM 6x6 Lube Truck

Bedford TM 6x6 service truck with de mountable body

Bedford TM 6x6 Tipper Truck

Bitumin container storagedistributor unit

Boughton Water Bowser Trailer with Heating System

Bridgestone 295T35 VSTEEL Used 7580% Good

Cage Pallets Stillages

Case 721 armoured plant

Case 721 CXT Wheeled Loader with Bucket no winch

Caterpillar 130G Grader

Caterpillar 140M Grader

Caterpillar 318M Wheeled Excavator

Caterpillar 657E Motor Scraper

Caterpillar Backhoe Loader 442 E 2007

Caterpillar D6R XW III Dozer

Caterpillar Deuce dozer

Caterpillar Grader 12 H

Caterpillar Tracked Excavator 325 CL

Caterpillar Tracked Excavator 325 DL

Caterpillar Tracked Excavator 336DL 2011

Caterpillar Wheeled Loader 950 G tool handler

Caterpillar Wheeled Loader 972G Armoured Plant

Chieftain H30 Engine

Chieftain Plant Trailer

Clamshell bucket

Continental 1200 x 20 18 ply Unused

Continental 1600 x 25 Rock Pattern

DAF XF95SA tractor unit

DAF YA4440 4x4 Beaver Tail Recovery Truck with winch

DAF YA4440 4x4 Crane Truck

DAF YA4440 4x4 Drop Side Cargo Truck

DAF YA4440 4x4 Service Truck

DAF YA4440 4x4 Tanker Truck

DAF YA4440 4x4 Vacuum Tankers

Daf YA4440 lube service truck

De mountable workshop body

De mountable fuel dispenser

DeMountable Lube Service Workshop Unit

Deville Multi Fuel Heater

Digging Bucket

Douglas DC 10 4 APM

Douglas DC1244 Heavy Aircraft Tractor

DROPS body 20ft ISO flat rack

Drops Ubre Bulk fuel pallet

Dynapac CC1200 Roller 2014

Eichkorn 20ft 20000 kg skeleton container trailer

Ekalift container handling trailer

Ekalift handling system

EPS Springer ATV

Faun SLT50 8x8 Trucks

Faun trackway matting

Faun trackway matting

Foden 6x6 Dumper

Foden 6x6 recovery

Foden 8x6 Container Carriers

Foden 8x6 DROPS truck

Foden MWAD 8x6 Dust Suppression Tanker Truck

Foden MWAD 8x6 Dust Suppression Tanker Truck

Foden MWAD 8x6 Tanker truck

General 18225 Unused

Goodyear 1400 24

Grove 315M 4x4 all terrain 18 ton crane

Grove 315M 4x4 All Terrain 18 Ton Crane

Grove AT 422E

Grove AT422EX

Grove GMK5130 130 ton crane

Grove RT 760 Rough Terrain Crane

Hagglund BV206 ATV Fire Appliance Fire Chief

Hagglunds BV206 5 Cyl Diesel Personnel Carrier

Hagglunds Bv206 Ambulance

Hagglunds Bv206 Ambulance Mobile Theatre Unit

Hagglunds Bv206 Ambulance Soft Top

Hagglunds Bv206 DROPS Body Unit

Hagglunds Bv206 Load Carrier

Hagglunds Bv206 Load Carrier with MaxiLift PH270 Crane

Hagglunds Bv206 Personnel Carrier

Hagglunds BV206 Shoot Vehicle

Hagglunds Bv206 Soft Top Cargo

Hagglunds Bv206 Soft Top Front & Hard Top Rear

Hagglunds Bv206 Trailer

Harrington 20kva diesel generator

Heavy Duty Fork Extensions

Hiab 1151 Hydraulic Cranes

Hunting 150Kva Trailer Mounted Generator

Hunting 25 kva generator

Hyster H1800XM12 Forklift

Iveco 110 16 4x4 lube truck

Iveco 110 16 tanker truck

Iveco 11016 4x4 cargo truck

Iveco 11016 4x4 crane truck

Iveco 11016 4x4 winch truck

Iveco 11017 4x2 Drop Side Cargo Truck

Iveco 11017A 4x4 Drop Side Cargo Truck

Iveco 168M11 personnel carrier

Iveco 22032 6x4 Tractor Unit

Iveco 260E37 Eurotrakker 6x6 Drop Side Cargo

Iveco 260E37 Eurotrakker 6x6 Drop Side Crane Truck

Iveco 410E42 8x8 Drops Hook Loader

Iveco 410E42 8x8 recovery truck

Iveco 6x4 18000 litre tanker truck

Iveco 8000 litre tanker truck

Iveco Eurotrakker 6x6 Cargo With Rear Mounted Crane

Iveco rear complete axle

Iveco Trakker 6x6 tipper

JCB 4cx backhoe loader

JCB 535140 HI VIZ 2013

JCB 540170 HI VIZ 2013

JCB Digging buckets

JCB Vibromax VM132D Roller

JCB Vibromax VM75D Roller

Karcher Expandable 20ft Kitchen Container

Karcher TFK 250 kitchen trailer

Kassbohrer 2 axle draw bar cargo trailer

Kassbohrer SLT502 Semi trailer

KB4 Aluminium Bridges

King 20ft container trailer

King draw bar plant trailer

L60 Chieftain MBT Reconditioned Engine

Land Rover 110 fire appliance

Land Rover 130 Defender Wolf RHD Ambulance

Land Rover Defender 110 25L NA Diesel Hard Top

Land Rover Defender 110 300TDi

Land Rover Defender 110 300tdi

Land Rover Defender 110 300Tdi

Land Rover Defender 110 300TDi Pickup

Land Rover Defender 110 RHD Station Wagon

Land Rover Defender 110 TDCi Hard Top

Land Rover Defender 110 TDCi Station Wagon

Land Rover Defender 110 TDCi Station Wagon

Land Rover Defender 90 TDCi Hard Top

Land Rover Defender 90 Wolf Hard Top Remus

Land Rover Defender Wolf LHD Ambulance

Land Rover Series 3 109 Diesel

Land Rover Series 3 109 Petrol

Land Rover Series III 88inch Lightweight

Leyland Daf 45150 4x4 Bunded Tanker Truck

Leyland Daf 45150 Fire Engine

Leyland Daf 45150 Personnel Carrier

Leyland Daf 45150 tanker truck

Leyland Daf 4x4 winch truck

Leyland Daf Crane Truck

Leyland Daf T45 4x4 Drop Side Cargo

Leyland Daf T45 4x4 Personnel Carrier shoot vehicle with Canopy & Seats

Leyland Daf T45 with UBRE fuel tanks & delivery system

Leyland Daf workshop truck

Liebherr LTM1120 crane

Liebherr PR722 BL Dozer Ripper

M1000 semitrailer 70 ton 40 wheel heavy equipment transporter trailer

MAN 10185 4x4 cargo truck

MAN 18225 4X4 box truck

Man 25322 tanker truck

Man 41372 8x8 crane truck

MAN 464 8x8 Drop Side Cargo Truck

MAN 8136 4x4 Drop side cargo truck

Man 8x8 Crane Truck

Man 8x8 Fuel Water Tanker

MAN 8x8 Personnel Carrier Tour or Safari Vehicle

MAN Kat A1 15t 8x8 Chassis cab

MAN Kat A1 15t 8x8 with Twistlocks

Man KAT A1 8x8 matt dispenser Chassis Cab 25m Wide


MAN SX45 8x8 recovery truck

Marshalls 12000 litre drops fuel tank

Marshalls drops water tanks

Mercedes Actros 3343 recovery truck

Mercedes Axor 8x6 tanker

Mercedes Benz 250 G Wagon

Mercedes Benz 508D Light cargo truck

Mercedes Benz Atego 1018 4x4 Cargo

Mercedes Benz G wagon 240GD

Mercedes Benz G wagon 250 Wolf

Mercedes Benz Unimog U1300L 4x4 Ambulance

Mercedes Benz Unimog U1300L Fuel Truck

Mercedes GD250 G Wagon 4x4 Box Vehicle

Mercedes unimog personnel carrier

Mercedes Unimog U1300L 4x4 Drop Side Cargo Truck

Mercedes Unimog U1300L 4x4 Shoot Vehicle

Mercedes Unimog U1300L Cargo with Ac

Mercedes Unimog U1300L crane truck

Mercedes unimog U1300L service truck

Mercedes unimog U1300L troop carrier shoot vehicle

Mercedes Unimog U1300L Turbo RHD

Mercedes unimog U1300L winch truck

Mercedes Unimog U1550L Cherry Picker

Michelin 1400R24 Unused

Michelin 205R25 XTL unused on rims

Mowag Duro II 6x6

Mowag Duro II crane truck

MTU 2500 KVA Generator sets

New Land Rover 130 LHD chassis cab

New Land rover 130 LHD double cab pickup

New Land Rover 130 RHD chassis cab

New unused Continental 1200 R 20

New Unused Land Rover 130 RHD Chassis Cab Armoured

New unused Michelin 13 R 225 tyres

New unused Michelin 39585 R 20 tyres

Nicolas 45000 kg tank transporter trailer

Oshkosh M1070 Tractor Units

Penman cargo trailer

Penmann GT3500 trailer

Perkins 4108 Diesel Engine

Reconditioined Bedford TM 6x6 gearboxes

Reconditioned Bedford 500 engine

Reconditioned Bedford TM 4x4 gearbox

Reconditioned Cummins 310 engine

Reliance Mercury RM350 Tug

Renault Kerax 440 DXi 2012 Tippers

Ripper Attachment

Ripper to suit Caterpillar D7G

Roelof Heavy Duty Steel Rock Bodies with Edbro Tipping gear Excellent condition

Rolls Royce K60 engines fully reconditioned

Rotzler 115 t hydraulic winch with oil tank

Rotzler Heavy Duty Dual Winch Unit

Sankey 1000kg Single axle trailer

Sankey lubrication trailer

Schmidt towed gritter trailer

Schmitz tri axle draw bar trailer

SDI Aviation Aircraft DeIcing Truck

Seddon Atkinson 68 ton tractor unit

Self recovery matting

Side Shift Fork Attachments

Simon Gloster Protector 6x6 Airport Fire Appliance

Steinbock 25 ton forklift

Still R07 Aircaft Tug

Terex 3066 Frame Steer 6x6 Dumper Drops Body

Terex TA300 Dumper 2012

Terex TA400 Dumptrucks 2012

Terex TA50 RT 4X4 boom lift

Thompson 32000ltr Bulk Fuel Tanker Trailer

Thwaites 9 ton articulated dumper

Toyota Hilux RIV Fire Appliance

Trailer tanker with new 1500 litre bunded tank

Trailmaster TS45 45000kg semi low bed trailer

Ulrich MWT Hydraulic Winch

Unused Iveco centre complete axle

Unused Michelin 1200R24 XZY

Unused Scott 3 Cube Buckets

Volvo 4200 Loader

Volvo FL12 6x6 cargo truck

Volvo FL12 6x6 Crane Truck

Volvo FL12 6x6 Gearbox

Volvo FL12 6x6 Rear Complete Axle

Volvo FL12 6x6 Tipper with clam shell grab

Volvo FL12 6x6 tractor unit with crane

Volvo FL12 6x6 Transfer Gearbox

Volvo FL12 tipper with protected cab

Volvo fork lift attachments

Volvo front steering complete axle

Volvo G990 Grader

Volvo N10 6x6 tipper truck

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